August Evening

Taking photos of kids is easy if they feel comfortable around you. Their everyday actions & movements can make for interesting photos. I didn't tell "J" to do anything, but I just talked with her and took pictures as they happened. The sun was low in the sky and gave a warm glow to "J" as she faced west.
She was concentrating on leaves that were in her hands.
At one point she looked up at the pine trees . The sun was at her back.

Stopping to tie her boots; I wonder if she couldn't find her regular shoes, because these look like winter boots :-)

Interrupting her concentration, I did call out her name to get her to look my way.

And later she went to the playset, grabbed on and looked past me. I think her friends were in the distance.

"J" is one of my favorite subjects to photograph. She has a wonderful, friendly personality! Thanks "J" and J's mom, for letting me take photos.