California Exposed

California in the Winter is beautiful. I had many opportunities to take different kinds of shots. I was there at the end of January, visiting a good friend who lives in Dana Point.

I think you can click on any of these photos to see a larger image, if you'd like.

This next shot was underexposed and when I tried to lighten the boat, I accidentally lightened the water above the boat. Oops.

I went out on a "dolphin safari" in a big boat with other people. This next shot is taken from the boat. I don't know if I'd like to live in that building.

These sea lions had attitude, but you can't see it in this shot. Oh, man do they ever stink! Phew!

Proof that I was actually in Dana Point (below). I walked down to the ocean from where I was staying several times to see what kinds of pictures I could get.

Dana Point has a very large harbor with many boats. I was walking across a bridge and there were dolphins (not normal in this far). You can see one to the right of the picture. The fellow in the blue t-shirt is headed towards it. Double click on the photo and you'll see it for sure.

I love the blue water!

These kids were across the bridge and just hanging out. One of them was really hungry, so I told him I'd give him a buck (cheap, I know, but that's all I had) if they would let me take a picture of them. I'd say they look like typical California teens.

This was the little bridge that jutted out from Dana Point to a little island or something. Not sure what you call it. I'm looking from the island to Dana Point.

This CUTE dog was on the bridge and the owner let me take its picture.

There were gorgeous, blooming flowers near the bridge and when I took the photo a hummingbird came into view. Cool.

There were some old cars there.

This is the walkway along the harbor, that I walked several times. No wonder Californians are healthy...they can go out and get some fresh air while we're in our stuffy homes in Minnesota, surrounded by cold and snow.

Some kids fishing...it reminded me of my own guys and how they'd enjoy the California fishing.

I wonder if the people who live in this house worry about erosion?

My favorite, little coffee shop is along the harbor's walkway and it's where I buy big coconut macaroons.

These next shots are taken on Coronado Island, off of San Diego. The first one is San Diego across the water from the island. You can see how close the island is to the mainland...just a bridge away.

The next one is facing west or maybe southwest. I just liked how the ship was centered on the glistening water and that it was between two palm trees.

And this is the last shot. A BIG thanks goes to my good friend who fed and housed me and took me to great California locales. Thanks, K!