The Backyard

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I just got back from shooting a wedding in Iowa and you'd think I'd want to take a little break from photography, but I really wanted to post something different on the blog...so I headed outside with my inexpensive 50 mm 1.8 Canon lens to see what I could find.

I've taken flower photos before and often find that I don't have enough depth of field to capture a sharp image of entire buds or flowers.

So, I set my camera to 3.5 (instead of just 1.8) and took the picture from directly above the flower. I do not have a steady hand and I really wanted a crisp image, so I put the shudder speed up to 1/400 sec. Because the shudder speed was fairly fast, I had to bring my ISO up to give me more light (ISO 400). That doesn't make for a really crisp image, but I was just experimenting.

While shooting, I thought I was getting lots of depth of field. The background leaves looked much more in focus through the lens than the finished product. So, in the end I didn't get that sharp photo I wanted (of the flowers), but I had fun trying. I think I would use an aperture of around 4.0 or 4.5 with this lens in the future. Actually, a macro lens would be awesome, but that's not happening in the near future (pricey). I think that to get what I really want, with what I have, I'd probably have to use my 24-70 L series lens and maybe a tripod so I can use a lower ISO and slower shudder speed.

I'm always looking for one more shot and thus, this pine cone;again shot at f/3.5.