Technology Workshop

I just got back from Dallas where I attended Sam's Club technology training. I WAS BLOWN AWAY. Great training on leadership and technology, rubbing shoulders with approx. 600 people who have the same position I have, and being on the cutting edge of something new within Walmart was EXCITING. Walmart really went all out to provide the best accommodations and a fantastic 4 days.

Here are just a few shots from my trip.

The technology team leads from around the country were warmly welcomed by fellow associates.

After breakfast on Tuesday, there was an opening session on what the conference would cover.

We broke up into six teams and proceeded to our training where we competed for points through workshop involvement.

Trainers encouraged us to role play and share experiences. 70% of attendees had been photo center team leads before becoming the technology team leads. I learned so much from them! Others had worked in electronics. I needed all the help I could get to learn more about the latest technology.

There was great variety in the workshops. This one (below) had many stations including this 3-D television that included two pairs of special glasses for viewing. Did you know that you can watch regular programs and videos using a feature that makes it look almost like true 3-D? You just have to push two buttons to make that happen! Cool!

We delved into the history of electronics to know better how we've come to today's emerging technology. When they asked the year certain electronics first came to the market, I got all of the answers WRONG!

So much hoopla and excitement from team members. You'd think we were getting points for enthusiasm!

The hotel was magnificent. I'd never seen anything like it in all my years. I just had to take pictures, although they don't do the hotel justice. Let me just tell you that everything from architecture to design and art had me mesmerized my entire time there. I kept commenting on the flooring, carpeting, millions of dollars spent on art and the food and how they served it. Wow. Sam's really outdid themselves!

Blogger is acting up today and somehow inserted two photos here and it won't let me delete one. Arrgghhh. "Hi" to the gal who posed in this really high back chair for me!

There were several buildings in this complex and renovations being done to make a park within the structures (below).

Thank you, Sam's, for an all-expenses paid, fun and enlightening experience!