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In order to get any daylight pictures, I pretty much had to take my camera to work with me because I work during the day. I take the bus to my job and three days ago it was a cold, grey, snowy day.

The bus was coming down the street as I took this quick shot of me with my red nose and snow in my hair.

I told my bus driver that I was taking photos with a "cold" theme. He saw some guys shoveling off a roof, so he stopped the bus, opened his door, and let me take this shot (I didn't ask him). My bus driver is really friendly and has done some of his own photography.

I transfer buses and this is where I can sit and wait for the next bus. Fortunately, the bus arrives within three minutes! 

While waiting for the bus, I snapped this shot of a stop sign. It's not a great shot, but depicts the dreary, cold day that it was.

So, these are my "cold" shots for the week. Next week's theme is "breakfast." If you want to take a breakfast picture and post it on my Facebook wall, please do! 

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