Join My Community of Photographers and Win!

Winter in Minnesota, being inside so much and those grey days, does not inspire me to take photos. Today is one of those days. BUT...I miss using my camera and seeing what I can capture. So...I'm going to take on a new challenge: take pictures each week based on predetermined themes. I'll be using themes found on the Digital Photography School's Web site. If anyone wants to join me and share their photos on my Facebook wall, please do! I love seeing other people's work and I learn from it. In addition, I will periodically award Starbucks/Caribou cards to "Merit Photos" should I get any followers. I'd really like to see a community of my friends share and learn together. "Friend Me" if you haven't already and let's have fun with this.

Jan 03 Cold
Jan 10 Breakfast
Jan 17 Macro
Jan 24 Tired
Jan 31 Sleep
Feb 07 Body Parts

1. You don't have to take a photo every week (we all get busy).
2. Post just one photo on my "Susan Lindquist Shetler" Facebook wall per week.
3. Posting on my wall means I get to post your photo(s) on my blog :-) if I want to.
4. Post photos by the date of the next theme (i.e. send me or post "Cold" photo by Jan 10, and so on).
5. I love contests and prizes :-)
6. I look forward to sharing tips and others teaching me, too!
7. Hope I stick with this for one year - I'll need your help and encouragement.   - Susan


3orange1blonde said...

O.k. I'll try!! This sounds so fun!! I'm sorry we never connected over Christmas. I purchased a new lens and now I'm dying to use it, but alas school has begun again (2 homeschooled kiddos) But I will try!

Susan said...

Yea! I'm glad you're joining in. I think it's doable...just one photo a week. We can do that, right?

What lens did you get?