Take a Shot at Macro Photography!

Macro may sound like a fancy photography term, but it's basically just a "close up." Most people have a macro setting on their camera, whether it be a point-and-shoot camera or a fancier DSLR (digital single-lens reflex - the ones with bigger bodies and interchangeable lenses). Macro mode is usually symbolized on your camera as a little flower.

I would LOVE to have all of my friends who own a digital camera give their macro setting a try this week. I even want my 80-year-old mother to try it too (come on, Mom)! She has a really nice digital camera.

If you have any problems shooting in macro mode (blurry pictures or whatever), just ask for recommendations on my Facebook wall. Or just keep trying until it works.

You might have to get your subject near a window with a lot of light. Or take the picture outdoors. (Lots of light means faster shutter speeds which mean less blur from camera movement).

I happen to have a fancy DSLR, but I don't have a macro lens, so many of you with point-and-shoot cameras could very likely get better shots than me!

If you want more ideas on macro shooting, read this article on the Digital Photography School's Web site.

Ideas: Flowers, bugs, small objects...use your imagination! Post one photo on my Facebook wall by midnight, January 23.

Here's one quick shot I just took of some batteries on my monitor stand. They're very dusty and my room isn't very bright. Not a good picture, but an example of macro. My challenge is to get an awesome photo by the 23rd! One Caribou or Starbucks card ($10) will be given away for this challenge. Have at it!

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