Week 3: Macro Winner

I've really enjoyed connecting with young photographers on Facebook and taking "themed" photos with them each week. It's cool to compare photos and see the variety we bring to the table. This weekly exercise will help us all become better photographers and in the process, we have FUN together.

I just want to say one more thing before rolling out the submissions and announcing the winner. My 80-year-old mother, who I encouraged to join us, did  try her macro setting this week and unfortunately her camera didn't respond well. It focused on the background rather than her subject :-(  But I have to hand it to her for trying!

1. Casey Gilboy

2. Lisa Miller

3. Rachel Wale

4. Shelly Jerrett

5. Sarah Ussery

All of these images are interesting. I loved seeing them all. But only one could be chosen.

I hired an independent judge (my son). He took a long time to look them all over and said it was a tough decision. The winner is...

#5 by Sarah Ussery! What clinched it was her composition and the focus on one item.

Thanks to all the photographers who made "Macro week" fun!

The theme for this week is "Tired." Please have your submissions posted to my Facebook wall by midnight on January 30. The theme for the following week will be "Sleep." I'm not sure why two very similar themes were chosen back-to-back, but maybe it's to challenge us even more?? We won't be doing any contests for a while, but just sharing our photos and learning together. If you haven't submitted photos before, feel free to join us! You don't have to do it every week...just when you can.


Anonymous said...

so fun!! I so love the brown eyed girl!! this is great.
Lisa Miller.

Susan said...

It is a cool picture, isn't it? I'm enjoying this, too. Thank YOU for participating! It makes it so much more fun to have several people do this. It would be boring if it was just me. - Susan