Week Five: Sleep

Taking photos based on a "theme" each week is fun, except when you don't have any good subjects to photograph. This was one of those weeks. There are three people in my home and none of us would look very pretty in a sleep photo. So, I'm using a photo I took one year ago of my niece, Lily McLain. (I love her name).

"Precious Lily"
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Below are some "sleep" photos that others shared with me on my wall in Facebook (there's a few of us who are taking theme pictures each week). If you want to join us by taking a themed picture each week, check earlier posts on my blog for instructions or message me in Facebook. Next week's theme is "Body parts." Please post one photo to my Facebook wall by February 13. Thanks!

Casey G.: Daughter

Rachel Wale: Brother

Timothy Dahlstrom: "Thumby sleeps"

Sarah Ussery: "Rayvena sleeping"

Heather Gwen Glover: "Uncle's kitty on hammock"

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