Week 6 - Body Parts

This week I was challenged to take photos of body parts. My camera was being used by a friend, so I tried my son's point-and-shoot with only five minutes to get what I wanted. It didn't work :-( as the shutter speed was too slow and the images blurry. So, I am resorting to using pictures I've taken this last year.

#1 - Susie's eyes (aren't they a beautiful blue?)

#2 - Lillian's curly hair

#3 - Neighbor girls standing in the rain (legs)

#4 - Jessie's neck

Here are the upcoming "themes." Feel free to join in and submit one photo a week on my Facebook wall :-)

Feb 14 Romance (due by midnight Feb 20)
Feb 21 Spirit
Feb 28 Vegetables
Mar 07 Underneath

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