Week 8 - Spirit

I found the "Spirit" theme this week to be a bit difficult to nail down. Spirit can mean so many things. I went with a more "ethereal" look to my first two photos. They were taken while riding in a car at night and due to slow shutter speeds and a misty window, the pictures are blurry. This is what gives them an airy feel.
Click on any photo to enlarge it.

These next photos were taken with flash (not my favorite source of light, but I use what works). This is Rocky, my granddog! He is like a little person; he is so smart! The "spirit" in these photos is Rocky's outgoing personality. He's a little spitfire, enjoying lots of activities and games. I chose the solid background so the focus is on him, not on what's around him. Isn't he cute?!

These are the upcoming themes I will be capturing:

Feb 28 Vegetables (due by midnight on Mar 6)
Mar 07 Underneath (due Mar 13)
Mar 14 Spring/Autumn
Mar 21 Planning
Mar 28 Fools Portrait of a wonderful person

If you want to join in, post one photo to my Facebook wall each week according to that week's theme.

I really don't like the March 28 theme as we should not call anyone a fool, so I am going to change it to "Portrait of a wonderful person." That will be much more fun to capture!

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