Week 9 - Vegetables

I'm looking out my window to grey skies, grey buildings, dirty snow and virtually no color. Living in Minnesota can be torturous during long winters unless a person makes some color come into their lives! What  helps me is making time to do new things and having fun (like taking pictures).

So, I tried to get a decent vegetable photo in my dark house today, using the grey light coming through my window. I placed these peppers on my glass-topped coffee table.

What's in the background is the table top. I brought this photo into Adobe Lightroom 3 and used a brush around the peppers to brighten and add slight saturation and sharpening.

Handheld, ISO 800, 160mm, f 4.0, 1/200 second.

Taking these weekly photos is all about getting to know my camera and lenses better. So, what would I do differently next time? I'd like more exposure, more depth of field and less noise in the photo. I'd try a tripod, ISO 400 or less, 160mm, f 5.6, 1/60 second.

Next week the theme is "underneath." If you get inspired and want to share an "underneath" photo on my Facebook wall, please do!! I love to see what people capture. - Susan

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