Week 12 - Portrait Contest Winner

For week twelve of my personal photo challenge (taking themed-based photos each week), I asked a few friends on Facebook if they'd like to submit pictures for a contest. So, the challenge was taking a "Portrait of a wonderful person." I will first show you the two pictures that were submitted, tell you who won the contest and then show you portrait pics that I took.

The first picture was submitted by Sarah Ussery. This is her husband. Isn't this a unique portrait? The person judging this contest (my son) said he could see this photo being used in an advertisement. He really liked it!

This next pic was submitted by Casey Gilboy. It's her husband and their daughter, Sitora.

Now I must admit, my son had an AWFUL time choosing a winner. He really liked both of these pictures and asked if we could make the contest a tie. So, I brought in a second opinion from a third party and the winner is...

the second picture of father and daughter by Casey!! Casey, you'll get a $10 Caribou or Starbucks gift card (you choose). Thanks, gals, for entering the contest. I DO love viewing other people's work and holding contests.

Here are the pics I took today.

This is Andrew. I went to his table at lunchtime and asked if anyone would help me out by letting me take their portrait. Andrew was a willing subject!

And Naomi was also willing. What a beautiful girl! Her eyes are gorgeous.

Both photos were shot at ISO 400, using natural light coming through a window. The aperture was 3.2 and the shutter speed was 1/160. I used the Canon 50mm 1.8 lens.

For those interested in challenging themselves in their photography, here are the upcoming themes.

March 28 Children (due by midnight April 3)
April 4 Excitement (due Apr 10)
April 11 Work
April 18 Growth
April 25 Trees

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